Vuong Trieu, PhD
Founder of IgDraSol and Biomiga Diagnostics. Led the development of Cynviloq, Abraxane, nab-docetaxel, nab-rapamycin, nab-17-AAG, nab-IDN5404 at Abraxis (Celgene acquired Abraxis for $2.9 billion). Repositioned Genexol-PM from Korea into a viable product for US market as Abraxane equivalent and as drug-device combination therapy at IgDraSol
Larn Hwang, PhD
Drug developer veteran with broad expertise in drug discovery and biomarker development. Key strength on drug discovery/development, clinical and regulatory operations. Led the team through a successful EOP2 meeting and FPI within 4 months of protocol. Founder of IgDraSol and Biomiga Diagnostics.
J&J, ABI, Celgene, IgDraSol, Biomiga Diagnostics, Sorrento Therapeutics
Chulho Park, PhD
Recognized pharmaceutical leader in Korea with strong business development background. Leader in the field of mAb engineering. CEO and Founder of MabPrex. Led the pharmaceutical development of therapeutic antibodies as well as small molecule drugs. President of Pharmaceutical Development at Igdrasol. Led the CMC deveopment at IgDraSol bringing manufacturing of the drug product to US FDA standard.
Eli Lilly, AME, aTyr, MabPrex, IgDraSol
VP of Nanomedicine
Tapas K. De, PhD
Extensive industrial experience with both proteins/enzymes and small molecules in formulation and process development, including scale-up/technology transfer. Scientific specializations in parenteral and ocular drug delivery and release kinetics, nanoparticle (ceramic, polymeric, bioadhesive, hydrogel) formulation development, reverse micellar enzymology, enzyme kinetics and reaction mechanism. Expert on nab formulation development and characterization. Developed Abraxane nanoparticle formulation at Abraxis Bioscience, as well as nab-17-AAG, nab-docetaxael, nab-rapamycin, nab-ABI011 etc. Lead formulation scientist for the nab business venture with National and international pharmaceuticals companies.
VP of Regulatory Affairs/CMC
Hankuk Lee
Professional in synthesis, process development, scale-up, engineering and manufacturing of drug substances with substantial understanding in the environment and requirements of commercial or large scale manufacturing. Profound knowledge in drug product manufacturing in forms of tablets, capsules, injections, powder for injections and powder for injections for suspension. Expert in regulatory affairs in the field of CMC and preparation of regulatory documents compliant to US FDA and EMA standards.